Start the demo early this Saturday... with MAKE THE MARCH on Twitter - @makethemarch.

FOLLOW UNION COACHES as they descend on London from across the country, to join the TUC We Demand Better rally. 


Think Coach Trip... but with placards.


KICKS OFF AT 4.30AM when the NEWTOWN coach sets off.

They'll then be joined by coaches from MANCHESTER (6.45am), POOLE (7.15am), KING'S LYNN (7.30am), DERBY (7.45am), IPSWICH (8.30am)... with more to come. 


There will be accounts of what it means to be going on the march, pics of placards en route to London, and tales of past demos. 

If your coach would like to get involved, email Guy at


And there will be TROPHIES for the best protest material, made by the one and only BOB AND ROBERTA SMITH

For full details of the demo (and how to book a seat on a coach) click here.


See you on Saturday!


Making a placard

Photo by Katja Medic

Not on a coach? You can still get involved.

Tag @makethemarch on Twitter with your banners, placards, and reasons for marching.


Follow #makethemarch on Saturday to see how the coaches are getting on.